Ill denaro è un bene comune /money is a common wealth

The Sala Gandini at the Museo Civico d’Arte in Modena hosted my textile installation during october 2014- January 2015. The collection of textile fragments, donated in 1884 by Count Luigi Alberto Gandini and made up of thousands of samples, including fabrics, lace, embroidery and trimmings was the scenery of a dialogue between my works and the ancient fragments. At the centre of my reflection there was the relationship between textile art and economics, as highlighted by the epigraph painted above one of the entrances to the room, as desired by the collector and donator himself, reading Dall’arte della lana e della seta l’Italia ebbe ricchezza lustro e civiltà (From the art of wool and silk, Italy gained wealth, lustre and civilisation). This is a statement that sums up the very sense of the collection, put together to back up the studies into the history of customs which Gandini was so interested in, but also as an immense repertoire of models for the textile industry which in post-unification Italy we trying to relaunch on an industrial footing. Inside the great 19th-century vitrines, designed by the collector himself. This is the project of the catalogue realized in 300 of copies

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